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How to celebrate Diwali

Importance of various days in Diwali

Explains significance of each day of Diwali. Spiritual science behind celebrating days like Dhan Teras, Bhaiya Dooj, Diwali Lakshmi Puja, Narak Chaturdashi.

Deepavali - a spiritual celebration

Details of Deepavali (Diwali) festival. Diwali celebrations and also brief introduction to Dhan Teras,Lakshmi puja, Bhai Duj

Clarification of doubts related to Deepavali rituals

Why is the vrat of Govatsa Dwadashi perfomed before Deepavali?

During the period of Dipavali the flow of Shakti filled with energy is activated in the environment. As a result the Earth’s environment is harmed at a subtle level. In order to save from the consequent harm, before Dipavali, the vrat of Govatsa Dwadashi has been recommended. The person worshipping a cow gets the benefit of the frequencies of Sri Vishnu.

Why are lamps made from wheat flour used for Yamadeepadana?

On Dhanatrayodashi the tama-dominant Energy frequencies and tama-dominant frequencies of Water Principle are active in higher proportion. These frequencies are responsible for the untimely death of a person. The lamp made of wheat flour has the ability to pacify these frequencies.

Malpractices during the festival of Diwali

Malpractices during Diwali and how it affects physically, economically and spiritually.

Why is Amavasya falling in Deepavali period considered as auspicious?

Normally Amavasya is considered inauspicious, but the Amavasya that comes in the Dipavali period is as benevolent and prosperity-bestowing. On Dipavali Amavasya Sri Lakshmi arrives in the house of gentlemen at midnight. The worshiper benefits from vibrations of Energy and Chaitanya generated through the worship of Sri Lakshmi.

Why does a sister perform aukshan to brother on Yamadwitiya?

On Yamadwitiya, sisters do aukshan of Yama in the form of brother and invoke Him. They felicitate Him appropriately and pray to him to restrict the frequencies of Yama moving on Earth and the unsatiated subtle bodies from Pitruloka. With this the family members are protected from the Yama frequencies and atmosphere of the premise is purified.

Why is ubtan applied to the body before Abhyangasnana?

During Dipavali period the arrival of the flows of Chaitanya containing the Absolute Fire (Tej), Water (Apa) and Air (Vayu) element is in higher proportion from the Universe. During this period the sensitiveness of the body to absorb Chaitanya is increased by applying ubatana on the body through its components.

Resist bursting Fire Crackers in Diwali

Diwali is not dispelled by bursting of crackers that create noise pollution; moreover, it feels as if fire-flies were flying followed with more darkness

The spiritual significance of Tulasi Vivah

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