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Importance of the substances used in Shraadha

Spiritual importance of substances used in Shraddha

What happens to the Jiva after his death?

Despite the gross body being destroyed by death, a Jiva’s existence and his desires do not end. After death a Jiva, that is, the subtle body constantly makes efforts for fulfilling its desires.

What is the importance of the ritual of Shraadha?

The ritual of Shraddha not only repays debts towards deceased ancestors, but also makes it easy to repay debts towards God and Sages.

What are the presiding Deities and results of Shraadha?

Pururav-Aardrav and Dhurilochan are deities of ancestors’ souls. They are referenced in the ritual of Shraddha.

What is the method of performing Tarpan and Pitru tarpan?

The objective of performing tarpan is that God, deceased ancestors’ souls etc whose names are pronounced while performing Tarpan, should bestow happiness on us.

When should the Shraadha be performed?

Normally no moon night, 12 sankrants in a year, solar-lunar eclipses, Yugadhi and Manvadi dates, Ardhodayadi parva, date of death, arrival of Shrotriya priests (Brahmins) etc dates are considered appropriate for performing shraddha.

How to perform shraadha if no Brahman is available?

In countries outside Bhaarat (India), it is difficult to get a Brahman who can perform the ritual of shraddha. This article provides alternative methods to perform shraddha when a Brahman is not available.

Why should every son perform ritual of Shraadha?

Ancestors' soul becomes satisfied only after receiving pinda and water from their son

How does an embodied soul get entangled in its desires after death?

When does Pitrupaksha fall,its spititual importance.

Frequently asked questions on Shraadha ritual

Frequently asked questions on Shraddha ritual

When can females perform shraadha?

Importance of performing Shraddha and performing Shraddha by females.

Preparation and the method of Mahalay Shraadha

Brahman Bhojan, Agnoukaran & Pindapujan Ritual

Article on the Hindu ritual of shraddha and its benefits to our departed ancestors

Prayers and types of the Shraadha Ritual

Prayers offered during Shraddha,regulations associated while performing Shraddha and effects of Shraddha

Shraadha ritual and chanting of the name of Deity Dattatreya

The importance of performing the shraddha ritual, the options for this ritual if one cannot perform the ritual, and the significance of chanting the name of Lord Dattatreya.

Subtle reading of the Pitru fortnight

Subtle reading of Shraddha ritual

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