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Lord Datta

Shraadha ritual and chanting of the name of Deity Dattatreya

The importance of performing the shraddha ritual, the options for this ritual if one cannot perform the ritual, and the significance of chanting the name of Lord Dattatreya.

Why did Deity Datta acquire knowledge from twenty-four Gurus?

Datta means the one who has been given [the spiritual experience of the unmanifest (Nirgun)] away. In other words the one who has been endowed with the spiritual experience that He is Brahman, is already liberated or is the soul itself, is Deity Datta.

What is the significance of chanting Shri Gurudev Datta?

Nowadays since most people do not perform rites for the departed (shraddhas), etc. as in the olden days nor undertake spiritual practice, most suffer due to the subtle bodies of ancestors.

What are names and function of Deity Datta?

The principle that makes available to an embo-died soul both gross and subtle (i.e. manifest and unmanifest) frequencies of higher or lower Gods and Deities in a shorter time is called Datta or Lord Dattatreya).

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