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Ganeshotsav being one of the biggest festival after Dipavali celebrated in Hinduism. It is very essential to understand the shashtra behind the festival before celebrating it.

How should Shree Ganesh Puja be done for gaining maximum benefit?

The Ganesh Pujan is done all over but what is more important is to study the science behind it and perform the religious rituals and righteous actions in the right manner so that maximum benefit can be obtained from it.

Special features of the Sanatan’s sattvik idol of Shree Ganesh

Anything done in accordance to science of Spirituality proves most beneficial. Keeping this fact in mind if the idol of Sree Ganesh is made as advised in the 'Science behind the sculpting idols' (Murtividnyan) then maximum amount of subtle particles (pavitraks) are attracted to the idol and the worshipper is benefited accordingly.

What are the different variations of Shree Ganesh idol?

The science behind the idol of Lord Ganesh is given in the ‘Shriganapatyatharvashirsha’ as ‘Ekadantam, Chaturhas­tam, meaning one who has only one tooth (ekadanta), four hands (chaturbhuj), adorns a noose (pash) and a goad (ankush), holds a (broken) tooth in one hand and holds the other hand in a posture bestowing blessings (varadmudra).

What are the incarnations of Shree Ganesh in each yuga?

Mahotkat Vinayak, Gunesh, Ganesh, Dhumraketu are the incarnations of Lord Ganaprti. Also know about Ganapati and other deities.

What is the implied meaning of the many Names of Shree Ganapati?

Sage Mudgal has written the 'Ganeshsahastranam' containing the thousand Names of Lord Ganesh. The Dvadashanam verse (sto­tra) contains the twelve Names of Ganapati.

What is the significance of Durva in Shree Ganesh Pujan?

The three leaflets of the tri-foliage Durva have the ability to absorb Ganesh Principle and absorbing the Shiva Principle and Shakti Principle.

Where will you find Swayambhu Ganapati and Mahaganapati?

Article about origin and meaning of word 'Ganapati' and places of swayambhu Ganapati, the famous Ganapati idols in India and Mahaganapati.

Why is Shree Ganapati first worshipped before any puja or task?

Ganapati is the nurturer, master (swami) of the directions. Other deities cannot reach the site of ritualistic worship (puja) from any direction without His permission.

Why is Shree Ganapati with the right Sided trunk not commonly worshipped?

Difference between right-sided trunk and left-sided trunk. Implied meaning of Modak.

Why is Shree Ganesh idol made of clay only scientific?

If the idol of Lord Ganesh is sculpted as per the science behind the idol then the pure spiritual particles of Lord Ganesh get attracted towards the idol to a greater extent and those worshipping it are benefited.

Why Shree Ganesh is easily appeased?

Ganapati is worshipped before commencing any function right from a folk dance for entertainment to a wedding and all rituals including house-warming (gruhapravesh).

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