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Lord Krushna

Why could Shrikrushna perform Rasleela?

The festival of Ras, as described in the Sreemadbhagawat Puran, began on the full moon night in the Sharad season and continued all night until daybreak. Sreekrushna had only one thought that the Rasleela could bring about spiritual progress of the gopees.

Why is Shrikrushna considered an Absolute incarnation?

Krushna was born on the eighth day (ashtami) of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan. Krushna was an absolute incarnation (purnavtar). Actually an absolute incarnation is not an incarnation but The Lord Himself; hence it possesses all the characteristics of The Lord.

What is the real relationship between Radha and Shrikrushna?

Radha is the manifest form of devotion unto Krushna. Devotion of the gopis is an illustration of ultimate devotion. Radha among them was like a jewel in the crown.

When did the ritualistic worship of Lord Krushna begin?

Krushna belonged to the Satvat clan of the Yadav dynasty. After He renounced His body this clan began worshipping Him.

How did Shrikrushna end His Incarnation?

When the Yadavs fought amongst themselves and most died at Prabhas, Balaram renounced His body in the sea, that is He took jalasamadhi.

How did Shrikrushna acquire Sudarshan Chakra?

Of all weapons sudarshan chakra is the only one which is constantly in motion. There are various schools of thought regarding its creation.

Why did Shrikrushna narrate Gita only to Arjun?

The Mahabharat is the most important part of Krushna's life. Written by Sage Vyas it is a prominent historical text.

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