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Arati (Harathi): Meaning and How to Offer

Singing an Aarti(arati) conceived with the resolve of Saints accomplishes these objectives, but only when it is sung from the heart and as per the science of Spirituality.

How to sing Arati in spiritually correct way?

The Arati should be sung with the bhav that 'God Himself is standing in front and we are calling out to Him earnestly'.

Āratī - a spiritual perspective

article on the science behind aarti

Should we clap during an Arati?

Singing the Arti should be accompanied by clapping. For seekers in the primary stage clapping should be done softly to maintain a rhythm.

Singing the Arati accompanied by Musical Instruments

Accompaniment of musical instruments like bell, Cymbals, Tabla etc. enhances the bhav and makes the Arti more effective

What is importance of offering Arati suitable for the Kaliyuga?

Meaning of Arti or Harathi in Hinduism and importance during Kaliyug

Why do we light lamp in front of Deities in the evening?

The transition period (Sandhikal) is the period of 48 minutes, that is, two Ghatikas, before the sunrise and after the sunset. The transition period is Raja-Tama predominant. Influence of negative energies is more in this period.

Why is Arti (Arati puja) performed twice a day according to Hinduism?

Arati is meant to be performed at sunrise and sunset. At sunset, the arati is performed to destroy the Raja-Tama frequencies and to invoke the 'marak Chaitanya'of the Deities.

Aarati - timings

This article gives the reason behind doing arati at specific times so that we benefit spiritually.

Why Pancha-Arati platter should be waved in a full circle?

When offering Arti, using a lamp with five wicks (also called pancharti), the platter containing this lit lamp should be waved in a full circle in front of the Deity.

Why should a conch be blown prior ritualistic worship and how?

Benefits of blowing a conch or shankh and sound of conch according to Hinduism

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